Hi! How is it going? Have you looked in the mirror lately? You seem a bit worn down. When was the last time that you went on vacation? Could it be time? Do you remember the last time that you planned a trip in a campervan hire Australia?

As you’re sitting there pondering the answers to these questions, you could be wondering if it’s true that you may need a vacation. Do you really? You may love the idea, but work, family, life must be attended to and who has time for time off? Could you really afford to take off in a campervan hire Australia?

The answer is that you may need it more than you think. Of course, you probably won’t listen to me if I told you that you should start planning a trip to the Great Barrier Reef, but the following 5 signs may whisper to you that yes, you definitely need a vacation:

  1. Are you irritable with everything and anything? Stress can build up slowly but ever so surely. What used to be something simple and not anything you paid attention to can become something that annoys you to no end. The way that your co-worker says good morning every morning used to be an enjoyable part of getting to the office. Now, you dread it and simply glare when they cheerily greet you every morning. Uh-oh, this could be a sign of burn-out on its way to make a mess of your life.
  2. Are you exhausted and stressed about work and it’s causing havoc in your personal life? Stress happens and is often associated with work and while a small amount is okay to keep you moving, when it starts affecting your time off of work, that’s when you’re in trouble. When you start seeing that your relationship is getting affected or you aren’t as patient with your kids as you once were, maybe it’s time to take a little breather.
  3. Are you having a hard time focusing on projects? The best way to get a new perspective on old projects is to take a step away from them. When you go away, it’s easier to come back to them feeling refreshed with new ideas. There’s nothing like getting inspired in a beautiful place to bring you back to enjoying the things that you used to about your work.
  4. Are you feeling like you lack motivation for anything that you used to enjoy? You used to enjoy meeting up with friends at the pub or going cycling after work. Maybe you even used to enjoy what you do as a career, but now you don’t find pleasure in anything. This is when you know that you’re in trouble. One of the best ways to ensure that you enjoy life again is to put yourself in a situation where you can enjoy life again. What if all you need to regain perspective on the good in your life is to take some time soaking up the sun in Bora-Bora or climbing mountains in New Zealand. Maybe you just need to live like Crocodile Dundee for a bit in the outback of Australia. I don’t know what you’re into, but whatever it is, you have to get back to loving it.
  5. Are you having a hard time sleeping? Is it hard for you to get to sleep at night. Do you go over scenarios in your mind all night long that keep you awake? Are you obsessing about things that you have no control over? Go away on vacation, please! I’m not your spouse, but if I were, I would make it mandatory. You need your sleep and getting some rest in a beautiful destination is the best way to go about it.

If you are feeling an overall sense of stress, depression, or unhappiness with your life, you may need a vacation. It’s not good to live through these feelings day after day without doing something about them.

While for some problems, therapy may be a good idea, when it comes to stress-related issues, all you may need is some vacation. You could simply be lacking some vitamin D. If you can relate to the above signs, why don’t you consider taking some of your vacation days soon? It doesn’t even have to be a long vacation—just enough to get you away from your routine and return some joy to your life.

If you can wing it, why not hire a campervan hire Australia and take some time exploring the open road and seeing gorgeous destinations? There’s nothing quite like getting behind the wheel and heading out to nature and exotic locations to clear your mind. It’s good for your health and good for your life. Don’t ignore the signs!