Adjust the length to your height

Skinny jeans are a must-have of this season and a statement piece which should be found in every wardrobe. They are a very flattering piece which is appropriate for any type of silhouette.

There are super skinny jeans, or not so skinny, but both of them can be styled in countless ways to get a chic and contemporary look. There are jeans which are way longer than your legs and do not fit well with any type of shoes.

To solve this kind of problem you can easily cuff the bottom of the jeans either inside or outside. Depending on the length of the jeans you need to cuff and the fabric which is made of, you can do it once, twice or three times, sometimes even more, if the fabric allows.

If the fabric is very rigid and not stretchy at all we would recommend cuffing the jeans in one big layer. You can decide how much of the ankle you want to reveal by cuffing as much as you want, depending on the footwear.

To add a personal touch to your outfit, you can style them with a pair of socks. This will draw the attention to the ankle and will elongate your silhouette.

It doesn’t have to be colorful socks if that’s not your style: you can opt for a pair of black sheer stockings or even for a pair of fishnet tights. They are really in this season.

Cuffed skinny jeans are so versatile that you can style them with so many types of shoes starting from high heels and stilettos and ending with running shoes and sports footwear.

Paired with the right top, this combination will result in an effortless outfit which can be suited for so many occasions.

Cuffed skinny jeans has one big advantage: it allows you to fit the jeans the length that you want and it also gives a nice, edgy look to your outfit, adding that personal touch to it.

Skinny jeans offer the best of outfit combinations: a good look and freedom of movement. You can combine it with a lot of types of shirts and a lot of bags like the clutch or a crossbody bags, all for an urban look.

Everybody should own at least one pair of quality skinny jeans which will take your outfit out of the comfort zone.