It is true that we millennialsnowadays are gushing too much over fancy attires to notice much about ethnic wears,butSaree as traditional wear is also making space, in fact, a huge one, in the ladies wardrobe. Not only are they safe as limited to being traditional wear but they have made their way to qualify for being attention-stealing party wear,and a classy office wear too. Thissurely tells a lot about how sarees have always been in fashion and are going out of style no time soon.

But, what a lot of people do not know is that there are certain essentials when it comes to sareesand that you need to get themchecked and your wardrobe isn’t even well styled unless you do so.

So, here is our guide to5 essentials in Saree that every girl must own. Make sure you have these gorgeous ones and forget not to buy them online at the most lucrative prices.

  • BanarasiSarees- These sarees are known all over India for itsheavy embroidery work and silver and gold brocade. The finesaree must not be missed out on. The embroidery on the border of the Saree is what will get you totally gasping. Get a Banarasi for yourself,and you can wear them on any occasion that you like. Well, Banarasidoesqualify mostly as bridal wear itself. You can also check BanarasiSarees out in georgette, organza or cotton for a change.
  • KanchipuramSarees- KanchipuramSarees have been delicately woven for more than 400 years and dates back to the rule of Krishna Deva Raya in South India. These sarees are famous for their exquisite zariwork,andthe use of multi-color threads make it all the more attractive to the eyes. KanchipuramSareeshave elaborate designs on them which sometimes represent Gods and Goddesses, sometimes temples and some other time bears reference to Mahabharata. Nevertheless, the weavers keep changing the patterns and designs to suit the requirement of the customers.
  • Mysore Silk Sarees- The striking feature about Mysore Silk Sarees are that it makespure (100%) golden zari work. Mysore Silk Sarees are what you need to look out for in case you want pure silk with lots of bright colors, patterns,and designs with heavy zari work and floral patterns that would look elegant. Make sure you catch the sarees online sale that would offer you the cheapest but the trendiest of sareesonline. Shop at and find exactly what you are looking for.
  • PaithaniSarees- These are the sarees that you will find woven in a mess of colors and patterns. PaithaniSareesorigins from Maharashtra but is as famous in other parts of India too. This is something made of real gold and silver and would suit the best in your treasure chest. These pure silk sarees are completely hand woven with real gold and silver threads. Well, on the other hand,theirsarees are something not everyone can afford as it goes a lot heavy on the pocket. But, shop at sareesonlinesale at and get heavy discount that would make you afford your favouritesarees real easy.
  • MaheshwariSarees- This type of Saree is an idea for the one who would want lightweight and yet a classic pick. MaheshwariSarees origin from Madhya Pradesh. You will find patterns like flower, brick,and diamond all over the saree.

Here is our guide to the top 5 essentials in Saree that every girl must own. Do not miss out on the Saree sale onlineto get all these at low prices.